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Expos, trade shows + markets

Stand out from the crowd with design + styling from Good Day Club

Investing in a stall or stand for an expo, trade show, or market stall is a big deal for most people. The financial outlay of the space alone can be a daunting investment.

Then, you have to transform that empty space into something inviting, engaging and attractive that screams your brand’s name and stands out from the other stalls. AND it then has to bring in prospective clients and convert them into actual customers. That’s quite a lot to achieve. You also need practical stuff like places to sit and rest once in a while, stash zones for bags and snacks, and functional space for things like sales and order taking. Quite a lot to fit into a 3×3 space too!

And maybe you’re amazing at the thing you do (like wedding photography or making wine or producing jewellery), but the idea of creating a branded space is way beyond your skills or your level of interest, or even the time you have.

This is where we come in…

Good day club to the rescue!

We can assist you to create a successful space that converts into sales, bringing together the beautiful and the brand, with the necessary, practical needs of your stall.

At Good Day Club, we meet with you to:

  • See the sort of excellent people you are
  • Hear about your brand / company
  • Discuss the space + event it’s a part of
  • Hear your wants and needs

We shake that around in our noggins to come up with a cohesive concept to base your expo stand, trade show stand, or market stall around.

Attract the crowd

Your stand literally has to attract the people – you want them flocking over to you! We have HEAPS of ways to achieve that through great design, styling and use of signage. Using your brand personality and lots of fun, we wil create a space that people cannot help but love.

Show your brand

You’ve worked hard on your brand and now it’s time to use this expo, trade show or wedding fair to drive home your brand message. Every detail of your space is designed to represent your brand and offering, and thus attract the right people who will want what you’re selling.

Choose from a large range of merchandising options from our hire collection.

Get sales

With an amzing space that you feel great about, you’ll be ready to rock n roll when it comes time to sell. The right space creates the right frame of mind, and attracts the right people for you and your brand, so the sell doesn’t even feel like one. With advice on how best to communicate, connect and convert people into customers, we’ve got more than just your aesthetic covered.

Design packages

Why get a stall or stand designer and stylist?

Do I need a stylist for my stall or stand?

It’s a common question. The answer is no. You don’t NEED one.

Designers and stylists know how to seemingly effortlessly create concepts and designs that will blow your mind wide apart. They’ll create an stall or stand for you that’s cohesive, beautiful, awesome, personalised and truly amazing. And they’ll make it happen on the day. So rather than running around your venue shrieking WHERE ARE THE GODDAMN SCISSORS? NO YOU CALM DOWN. It will be all taken care of to a quality and glorious-ness that you and your prospective customers will adore.

Do I want a stylist?

If you want the process, flow, look and feel of your stall or stand managed by a team of passionate professionals, then a stylist is a great idea and a wonderful investment in executing your event to meet your objectives.

Organisation, design and styling can take up a LOT of time. We know as it’s our job. It can take a lot of time and energy away from your core role, business and what you’re good at.

Practical matters aside, a great designer and stylist will help you to make the very most out of your show – with an aesthetic and creativity that will blow minds and really set the scene for what you are trying to achieve with your stall.

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