Em Ruscianos Dynasty Birthday Party

Dynasty eleganza 40th party

Em’s house, Warrandyte

  • As seen in the Daily Mail
  • Set-up photos and video taken by us. Family photos via Em Rusciano 

We talk a LOT about weddings, and we do so many, but our vintage hire range and styling services are also really well suited to fabulous birthday parties. We’ve got a shit load of furniture across a huge range of styles and eras, that we can always pull together a terrific look for any concept.

When Em Rusciano’s assistant, John, got in touch to see if we could help him and Em create an 80s vibes Dynasty party, with a sprinkle of vintage Italian couture feels (Missoni, Versace, Valentino et al) at Em’s home in the Dandenongs, it was another moment where Dave and I were like OMG, how amazing is this work life that we get to have! 

See ya later, restraint

Even though we’re known for super fun, OTT creations (what even is minimalism?) for people’s events, it’s definitely true that we still show restraint when pulling designs together – it might look cray and OTT – but it’s all quite deliberate and we do stop ourselves before it becomes too much.

With Em’s party, because it was themed (rather than drawing from a concept/taking light inspiration from), we could be very literal and super bold – because that’s what the 80s, Dynasty and Italian couture were all about – excess, wealth, shiny things, shoulder pads and big/bad hair. Thus we created a design with several small set-like areas, using a mix of lux textures (velvet, vinyl, sequins, timber, stone, glass), warm rich 80s-as-hell colours, and bold patterns (fleur de lys, persian, animal print).

Before and after

Em’s deck space was smallish, quite cost, and lush AF surrounded by a beautiful green garden. It was also a perfect day weather wise for an outdoor party. Please enjoy the before and after shots – because who doesn’t like a rad transformation?

The design + set-up

The main space was anchored by the rich red velvet curtain – which has an amazing history, having been the stage curtain at The George Ballroom in St Kilda. Using our Sweet Suite lounge setting with it’s Hollywood Regency 80s revival style, it screams opulence and also, it’s really darn comfy.

We dressed an antique timber table with gold fabric – because antiques scream restraint – and gold drapey fabric screams 80s. Adding a brass lamp and our lucite coffee table, we layered the space with three persian and turkish rugs in peach, red and burgundy.

And thus the space was ready for the OTT masterpiece that is a 4m balloon garland in magenta, red, purple and gold. Feeding down from the curtain backdrop and through the lucite coffee table, creating some extra drama and unexpectedess. Thank you to our pals from The Confetti Room for always knowing how to create my wacky ideas into balloon-y dreamscapes.

Personalising the party

We also styled the space using items from Em and Scott’s house – they have rad taste – look at that tiger rug! I want one and you prob do too – you can buy it here #yourewelcome. And the space was finished with some vintage gold and pink tassels strung across the deck – giving the space some additional colour, movement and unexpected fun.

Making use of all the spaces, we created this cosy nook with our Roger sofa and brass tea trolley as a coffee table. This is the spot Em took some ace photos with her loved ones. And Joel Creasey. And yes, Em had several costume changes! Such a performer through and through!

Guests entered down the side gate, so I decided this needed to be jazzed up to ridiculous proportions. And so we added a magenta glitter runner to the walkway. It’s our take on the red carpet – but better because it’s magenta and is made of glitter #OMG. 

And here I am with Em AKA Alexis Carrington – like seriously, she is Alexis! And I am a dork in a sweaty band tee shirt and a moon boot! Thank you for having us Em + John and bloody well check out that gold fox – it’s from Em’s home and I also want and need one of these, stat!

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